Valentines Day Gifts for your Home

We will keep this one brief as we know you are all very Busy Bees, but if you are here, then you are lily to be a Busy Bee in love! You are also a bee who has left it a little late to find your perfect Valentines day gift.

Well do not despair, we are here to help with a few hand picked Valentines Day Gifts for your home, the love nest or hive, well you are bees right?

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Are you sitting comfortably, then I shall begin….


Have you been walking through each others lives without a moment to pause and enjoy the little things. Well why not bring back the love at breakfast time with a set of matching Pipe Egg Cups from Stolen Form.


Stolen Form Set of 2 Pipe Egg Cups

Price £20 – Order Now

The brain is the source of all of our thoughts and emotions and is as responsible for the passion we feel for each other as the heart. Celebrate this with a beautiful set of Grey Matter Concrete Book Ends from Lyon Béton.

Price £50 – Order Now

HAs your love life taken a dark turn? Light up your lovers life with the Urban Industries Vintage Letter Light and create a warm heartfelt glow in your home. Remember Love is Light!

Vintage Letter Light 'Heart' Sign

Price £295 – Order Now

Do you need to spend more time together? How about counting away the hours in each others arms with the LEFF Amsterdam Brick Clock, available in Brass or Steel.

LEFF Amsterdam Brick Clock in Copper

Price £259 – Order Now

As promised we kept it short and sweet. We hope this has helped a few of you to find a gift that your partner will love. Which ever gift you chose let it sit pride of place in your love nest.

Happy Valentines Day from Beyond Home.

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